odorless acrylic system lilnk


Enjoy the strength of acrylic without the odor.

Why use odorless acrylic?  It has no offensive odors, does not use MMA and it files like a traditional acrylic system.  Sheba's Odorless Acrylic System is self-leveling, no-filing - shape and buff only.  Our special formulation is optimized for adhesion, Non-yellowing and easy to apply.  It flows on like nail polish.  Treat your clients to an odor-free acrylic. 

What you need to know to be successful with odorless acrylic:

  • Cure time is slightly slower than traditional acrylics
  • Much less liquid is needed for an easy, self-leveling application
  • Odorless acrylic dries with a slight tacky layer, this can easily be wiped off with alcohol, alcohol wipes or use Acryset Instant Sealer that leaves a glossy finish


For students who are taking state board exams, some states not only require the use of odorless acrylic but require that the package be sealed to be able to take the exam.  Sheba Nails now offers this option to all of our odorless acrylic products for this purpose.