Ever wanted to try a new nail product?  This page has special deals that allow you to try something new  or enjoy traditional favorite at a discounted price. 


Enjoy on-line special prices on select nail art and manicure products.  

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Nail Polish Bottle Mixing Balls

Stainless Steel Nail Polish Bottle Mixing Balls

Available in 30ct, 100ct, 500ct, 1,000ct and 5000ct

Size 4.763mm - No Zinc

20% OFF

Color Gel Nail Art Pen

Color gel nail art pens are a perfect solution for quick and intricate nail art designs.

French White Professional Nail Tips 500 count

Close Out Price for Professional Quality Nail Tips

Soft White French Nail Tip - 100ct Box

Nail Tip Special

Soft White - Cut Out Well

Special Price