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This system offers the benefit of no odor and the double strength of two powerful products – the toughness of a powder plus the durability and gloss of  gel. Easy to use and odorless - what a great combination. Two products merge to create durable nail technology. Available in clear, white and pink can be used over natural nails or nail tips.  No fumes or odors means compatibility with day spas.

Easy to apply method - just brush on polish gel and sprinkle with powder.  That's all it takes to create nails with long lasting shine and durability. 


Available in UV or Soak-Off LED/UV formulations.

gelcrylic nail kit

Gelcrylic Gel Powder Intro Kit

Enjoy the benefits of and odorless acrylic with the ease and durability of a high gloss uv gel.

Soak-Off LED System now available!

gelcrylic nail uv gel

Gelcrylic Gel

Quick cure brush on uv gel with a high gloss finish for and odorless acrylic nail application.

Your choice of formulation - UV or Soak Off LED/UV

gelcrylic acrylic powder

Gelcrylic Powder

Self leveling acrylic powder that is formulated for combination with uv gel application for superior bond and an odorless application.


gelcrylic finishing cleanser sheba nails

Gelcrylic Finishng Nail Cleanser

Fresh scent nail cleanser to remove tacky layer after gelcrylic application to reveal a high gloss shine.

gelcrylic hot neon kit sheba nails

Gelcrylic Hot Neon Kit

Gelcrylic Hot Neon Kit combines the ease and strength of our Gelcrylic system with Fluorescent Acrylic Powders.

UV/LED Formulation

gelcrylic hot neon acrylic powder

Gelcrylic Hot Neon Acrylic Powders

Choose from a variety of fluorescent acrylic powders to use with our Gelcrylic System.