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Sheba Nails calcium forified UV Gel system formulated for the natural nail.

Sheba Nails calcium enriched uv gel enables you to strengthen and protect natural nails by creating a protective, durable layer over the nail, thus enabling the nail to grow.  Sheba Calcium Enriched system prevents peeling and cracking from the natural bed allowing you produce stronger, more flexible and healthier looking nails.  This formula has been created for those who want to encourage growth of the natural nail.  Available in all of Sheba's Original Shades - our calcium fortified gel can be used on natural nails as well as overlay on nail tips and leaves a permanent glossy finish so no top coat is required.  

Calcium Enriched UV Gel Jar

Self-Leveling Calcium Fortified UV Gel

Brush On Calcium UV Gel - 1/2oz

Brush On UV Gel System