spectrum acrylic art drops
Nail created using a few drops of Spectrum Color Art Drops - Red in Acrylic System 'A' Liquid Monomer. The 3-D flowers were made with Mega White Powder and filled in the Gold Bullion Beads. To finish, the entire nail was sealed with Jessami Permasealer.


Spectrum Color Art Drops can be added to any acrylic liquid monomer or used pure to create customized color acrylic nails.

Acrylic liquid customizing color drops allow your to create a "spectrum" of color acrylic nails.  Available in three primary colors that can intermixed to achieve pretty much any color in the rainbow.  Just a few drops in any acrylic monomer can create a glass nail effect.  The more drops you add, the more intense the color hue - it is under your control.  If you want pure, opaque color you may use the color drops directly from the bottle and do not dilute with liquid monomer.

Available in Red, Blue and Yellow - 1/2 oz Bottle with Dropper - $4.99