Gelcrylic Finishng Nail Cleanser

Fresh scent nail cleanser to remove tacky layer after gelcrylic application to reveal a high gloss shine.

Gelcrylic Nail Primer

One coar nail primer formulation to assist uv gel adhesion to the nail with our one coat bonding primer.

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Mini Curved Mixing Spatula Scoop

Acrylic Powder Customizing Spatula Scoop to assist in a variety of needs.

Choose from 10 pack or 50 pack

Mini Mixing Spoons

Acrylic Powder Customizing Spoons to assist in creating custom shades of color acrylic powder.

Choose from 6 pack or 50 pack

Alcohol Wipes - 100ct Box

Easily remove the tacky surface with packaged Alcohol Wipes

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La Rose 36 Watt UV Gel Nail Cure Lamp

Experience the power of this professional 36 watt Nail Cure UV Lamp with built in timer and pretty shade of pink.

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Mini LED Gel Curing Lamp

Sheba Nails Mini LED Nail Lamp designed to cure all five fingers at one time.

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LED Nail Cure Gel Lamp

Quick Drying LED Nail Cure Gel Lamp Featuring Motion Activated Technology

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UV Gel 6 watt Lamp

Quickly cure uv gel and top coats with this  6 watt uv gel lamp.

Pro UV Gel Lamp

Reduce curing time with this professional 9 watt uv gel lamp.

Level Cure - Two Hand UV Lamp System

Enjoy this versatile, 45 watt UV Gel Lamp with built in timer and  optional fan setting.

Anti UV Beauty Glove

Anti UV Fingerless Manicure Gloves offer protection from ultraviolet rays.  For yourself or resale to your clients.

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Nail Remover Foil Wraps

Make nail removal easy with ready to use foil wrap sheets to assist in artificial nail removal including gel polish, acrylics, soak off uv gels, polish glitter and more.

Digital Countdown Timer

Digital countdown timer from up to 60 minutes is an excellent for any nail technician service.

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