dipcrylic dipping powder system pro kit


Offer your clients the latest in nail trends with our Dipcrylic Dipping Powder System.  Acrylic Dipping Powders are available in a large variety of shades to suit any style.

Sheba Nails Dipcrylic Dipping Powder System allows you to achieve stronger, light weight and natural long-lasting nails.  Our easy-to-use dip powder feel natural and does not damage the nail bed. Formulated without harsh chemicals and contains complex bonds that keep it from chipping, discoloring and lifting. What makes Dipcrylic Dipping Powder System unique?  You get the strength of acrylic powder without the odor of acrylic liquid.  Plus the ease of use means you can create beautiful full coverage overlays in less time than traditional acrylic application with no light required.