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Sheba Nails creates the finest pedicure treatments so you can provide the finest pedicure service.

Vital Professional Pedicure System is a collection of products that allows you to provide a complete Spa Pedicure service from start to finish. 

Beginning with the all important sanitation and ex foliation to prepare the feet for proper application of any pedicure treatment. 

Of course, no spa pedicure treatment would be complete without a calming foot masque and soothing finishing lotion. 


Vital Anti Bacterial PH Balance Soak

Pedicures begin with proper sanitation making Vital Anti Bacterial PH Balance Soak a must before any pedicure.

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Vital Pedicure Exfoliating Tea Tree Scrub

Pedicure Scrub featuring Tea Tree Oil to exfoliate and polish the feet.  Stimulates circulation while it softens & reduces rough callused skin.

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Vital Pedicure Oatmeal Masque

Experience this natural masque fortified with a rich blend of ingredients designed to moisturize, calm and relax tensioned feet.

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Vital Pedicure Lift Lotion

Vital Pedicure Lift Lotion is the final step in a spa pedicure treatment leaving feet hydrated and protected from the elements.

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Vital Pro Pedicure Try Me Kit

You'll find everything you need for perfectly, pampered pedicures in this five piece, deluxe value set.

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Toe Separators

Soft foam toe separators easily fit between the toes for a comfortable pedicure session.

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Pedicure Slippers Discount Dozen Pack

Soft foam pedicure slippers in a rainbow of colors are gentle on feet.

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Vital Professional Callus Remover

Vital Callus Remover formulated to "dissolve" calluses for safe and effective removal leaving feet soft and sandal ready.

Pumice Pad

Use it on your hands, heels, elbows, knees and feet to smooth rough and callused skin.

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Pro Pedicure Foot File Rocket Shape

Professional quality, double sided rocket shape pedicure foot file that is sanitizble.  The nail technicians first choice for pedicure maintenance.

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Pedicure Ingrown Toe Nail File

Quality ingrown toe nail file features built in ridges on each end

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Professional Pedicure File

Stainless steel, dual-sided pedicure file and callus remover with removable blade for easy cleaning and sanitation.

Pedicure File Large Foot Shape

Foot-shaped pedicure file gently removes calluses and rough spots from your feet. Available in five colors.

Pedicure Disposable Foot File System

Pedicure Foot File Kit Starter Kit with grit refills.