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Easy to use gel system that requires no curing with a UV lamp.


No lamp is needed with Sheba's No-Light Gel System.  Can be used in conjunction with fiberglass for even more reinforcement.  Easy to apply, self-leveling gel that is instantly cured using a Brush On Activator.  Excellent on artificial tips and natural nails.

No-Light Gel - 1/2oz

Nail gel that is applied with a brush that does not require to be cured with a lamp.

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Brush On Activator

Brush On Activator quickly dries No-Lght Gel to a clear, glossy finish.

Brush On Saver

Fresh scent brush on saver for use with brush on resin system for a clean brush every time.

No-Light Gel Starter Kit + French Tips

No-Light Kit includes all that you need to to achieve nails with the beauty of gel without the need for a UV lamp. Includes French White Nail Tips free.

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