Color Gel Nail Art Pen

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Color gel nail art pens are a perfect solution for quick and intricate nail art designs.

Color Gel Nail Art Pens are a revolutionary way to decorate nails.  No mess, no fuss, quick dry and easy to use.  It's like using an ordinary pen to make a variety of nail art designs.  Ideal for fine nail art work. 

Gorgeous shades of color from metallic to fluorescent flow like "gel" allowing you to create smooth and rich nail art designs with unimaginable detail and control.  Another great feature is that these are water based making it easy


to correct any "mistakes" without committing - the colors are not permanent until sealed with either top coat, uv gel or acrylic.  For nail art corrections or clean up, simply wipe off undesired part of design with a q-tip for instance and reapply.  Don't let the name fool you - these are not uv gel colors and so does not require a uv lamp to dry.  However for quicker drying between colors, a uv lamp can be used if desired.