Techno Color Acrylic Fluorescent Neon Kit

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Designer Color Acrylic Powder System with inter-mixable colors for endless possibilities. Including 6 Fluorescent Neon Acrylic Powder that Glow in Black Light


Techno Color Acrylic Powder can be used with your favorite acrylic liquid monomer.  Available in four fabulous collections that allow you to achieve the nail art designs you desire. 

Excellent for full coverage nails, quick dip method, color combinations, traditional nail art, 3D nail art work as well as 3D Acrylic Nail Art Molds.  No special primers or preps are required with this durable acrylic powder system.  Try with our Porcelana Blue Acrylic Liquid Monomer and seal with Top Seal for long lasting nail art designs.

Eight 1/8 ounce jars filled with assorted shades from our Neon Rainbow Collection.

Colors included...

Neon Yellow
Neon Pink
Neon Purple
Neon Green
Neon Orange
Neon Magenta
Neon Black
Satin Snow White