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Dual Product Technology


Welcome to the world of Sheba!!  You are about to experience our lates hybrid product that allows you to create durable yet natural looking nails.



1) Nail Preparation

  • Remove nail polish with acetone.
  • Push back cuticle. 
  • Remove all shine from nail bed with 100/180 grit file.
  •  Brush off dust with a manicure brush.
  •  Spray all nails with Sheba Nails Disinfecting Sanitizer


2) Apply Sheba Nails Gel primer

·        Apply a small amount of primer onto the natural nail bed only.

·        Let  primer dry to a chalky white finish.


3) Using Gelcrylic Gel

  •  (a) Apply first thin layer 1/8" away from cuticle and down to the free-edge as if applying nail polish. Sprinkle Gelcrylic Powder over entire nail while tilting side to side, to make sure that you cover the entire nail evenly. Keep an eye on the side walls. 
  • Tap finger the remove excess powder.
  • Cure under UV light for 60 seconds.
  • Apply second layer of Gelcrylic Gel over entire nail starting one mm away from cuticle down to the free-edge. Make sure to cover the entire nail and sprinkle Gelcrylic Powder using the same technique as step (a.). If necessary, for high point, add more Gelcrylic Gel and Powder where needed. Cure under UV light for 2 minutes. (For new set of nails, apply a minimum of 2 layers Gelcrylic Gel and Powder depending on desired thickness)
  • While curing begin work on the other hand. Repeat step 3 on the other hand.


5) Remove hands from UV light and wipe off fingernails with Sheba Finishing Cleanser

     to remove any gel residue.


4) Shape nails as desired.  If necessary, file nails to make a smooth surface using a 100/180 Jumbo File or Sheba Mud File.


6) Seal entire nail bed with Sheba Power Seal.  Make sure to cover entire nail, sides and free-edge. Cure 1" (optional -  not included in kit)



Apply Gelcrylic Gel to tip of nail (free-edge on natural nails).  Sprinkle White Gelcryic Powder.  Tape finger to remove excess powder.  Repeat one more time.  Cure 3".  Then apply Gelcrylic Gel to the rest of the nail bed.  Sprinkle Pink Gelcrylic Powder (of chosen color) Cure 1".  (Repeat if necessary)  To finalize, apply one coat of Gelcrylic Gel over the entire nail and cure 1".


File loose product around cuticle area.  Apply gel to grown out area.  Sprinkle Gelcrylic Powder over nail and cure 1".  To finalize, apply one coat of Gelcrylic Gel over entire nail bed and cure 3".