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Sheba - Spa Pedicure


1.)    Pour a small amount of PH Balance Soak into pedicure bowl.  Fill with warm water and agitate with hand to produce bubbles.  Soak feet for 6 to 8 minutes before starting pedicure.  Toenails will become softer and easier to trim.

2.)   Start working on one foot while the other remains in the water.  Dry foot and apply Cuticle Away to cuticles and push them back.  Cut toenails and smooth nails with Teflon file.  Put foot back into pedicure bowl with water.  Repeat process with the other foot.

3.)   With pedicure paddle, remove any calluses from heels and toes.   Repeat process with the other foot.

4.)   Pour a small amount of Foot Skin Scrub in your hand; add a few drops of water to form a paste.  Rub on the heels and sole of feet to exfoliate dry skin.  Rinse feet.

5.)   This step is optional.  Apply a small amount of Peeling Mask in the palm of your hands to form a paste.  Apply to entire feet and let stand for about 10 minutes.  Rinse.

6.)   Massage feet with Lift Lotion

7.)   With wet manicure brush and a drop of PH Balance Soak, clean toenails only to remove oils and lotions.  Dry with towel.

8.)   Apply Base Coat.  Next apply nail polish, and finally Top Coat.

9.)   Apply one drop of Botanical Oil to each toenail.


Now you will have soft, neat and beautiful feet.

For any questions, please call 313-291-8010