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Secrets to Success with Sheba Fiberglass System


Welcome to the world of Sheba!!  You are about to experience a fiberglass system that is durable yet natural and healthy.  The following is the technique used and recommended by Sheila Bargas, President of Sheba Nails.




  1. Wash hands with Sheba PH Balance Scrub or spray with Sheba Disinfecting Sanitizer.
  2. Push back cuticles and buff nails with a white buffer block to remove all shiny spots.  IMPORTANT!  Take out all the shine from nails.  Shine is oil and oil causes lifting!
  3. At this step you can either apply nail tips or go on to Step 4 to put on to natural nails.  Again, if you are applying nails tips, don’t forget to file off all the shine from the nails tip.
  4. Apply Sheba Resin to all nails and spray with Sheba Resin Activator.  Only one quick spray is needed about 4-6 inches away from nails.  If you get a burning sensation, either you are spraying too close or you have applied the Sheba Resin too thick.
  5. Apply Sheba Fiberglass Mesh to all nails and trim.  First application you should put on two pieces on top of each other.  For fills, apply Sheba Fiberglass only to growth area.
  6. Repeat Step 4.
  7. Using a 180 grit file, blend the mesh into the free edges of the nails and around cuticle are.  Do not file the nail bed, only around the edges to blend.
  8. Repeat Step 4.
  9. Buff nails with a white buffer block.


Once you are completed your set, you should only have to buff.  If you have bumps or bubbles, we suggest the following:

·        Application of Sheba Resin is too thick

·        Application of Sheba Fiberglass is being “dragged” or “pulled” by nozzle on Sheba Resin bottle

·        Application of Sheba Resin Activator if being sprayed to close