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Sculpting is World of Art


Welcome to the world of Sheba!!  You are about to experience an acrylic system that requires no filing.  Our self-leveling formula makes the application simple yet durable and natural.




  1. Prepare nails with Sheba PH Balance Scrub or Sheba Disinfecting Sanitizer.
  2. Push back cuticles and buff nails with a white buffer block to remove all shiny spots.  IMPORTANT!!  Take out all the shine from nails.  Shine is oil and oil causes lifting.
  3. Apply Sheba Primer to each nail and wait until they turn a chalky white.  (Note:  If applying Sheba Acrylic as an overlay on nail tips – take shine off nail tips and apply primer to entire nail and go on to Step #5.)
  4. Fit the nail form securely to the nail.  Carefully line the form up with the free edge so that there are no gaps between the form and the free edge.
  5. BALL #1 WHITE TIP– This ball should be large and quite dry.  Drop the ball onto form and wipe your brush on a paper towel.  Then pat the ball of product into place from sidewall to sidewall.  Before the product dries, smooth your smile line with a clean brush, beginning at the corner of the smile line.  A perfect smile line should mirror the shape of the cuticle.  Make each tip the same size.
  6. BALL #2 PINK BASE– The pink base should be a smaller ball and a little wetter.  Drop the ball directly above the smile line on natural nail late.  Form the center portion of the nail, then pull the product just over the white tip.  If you get air bubbles in your product, press you brush in the liquid to get the air bubbles out of it.  You also may need to use more liquid. (This base can also be created using other Sheba colors like Clear, Ivory, Natural, Super Pink or Apricot.
  7. BALL #3 – The cuticle area requires a smaller and much wetter ball.  Apply the product below the cuticle and let it flow up so that you can create a smooth gradation of product into the cuticle area.  The product at the cuticle area should only be as thick as two coats of nail polish, anything thicker will cause lifting.  Remember, this products is self-leveling, you only need to guide it into place.  Pressing too hard or too much will require you to file by cause ridges from your brush.
  8. Check your nail.  Cuticle area should be very thin and your stress area should be your highest point of profile.  Make sure that product is not making contact with the cuticle – this will cause lifting.
  9. Ensure that product is dry by tapping each nail with a nail file.  If you hear a tapping sound, they are ready.  Take off form and smooth edges.  Apply cuticle oil to all nails and buff with a black buffer block.  The cuticle oil will help soak up any dust from the buffing.  This creates a healthier environment for you and your client.