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1.  Work in a hygienically clean environment

  • No smoking - nicotine is very greasy and WILL cause lifting
  • Use clean tools and abrasives for every client
  • Wash your hands between each client
  • Wipe down table in between clients with an antiseptic solution
  • Properly ventilate your work area with an extracting ventilation system
  • Prevent contamination of your products by properly using and storing them
  • Never blow on a client's nails

2.  Ask your client if she is on medication of any sort, taking hormone pills (or experiencing any hormonal imbalance) or under an abnormal amount of stress

  • These chemical changes in the body can affect your client's ability to wear nail extensions
  • Do one nail in your prescribed service and let the customer wear it one week.  If successful, complete the other nine in the same service.

3.  Proper preparation of the natural nail is essential

  • Do a proper manicure making sure to push back cuticle from nail plate, sidewall and lunula area
  • Clean nail plate
  • Your products AND client's hands must be at room temperature
  • Buff and dust - make sure to remove the natural shine from the surface of the nail plate and then to remove any dust.
  • Cleanse nail plate again.
  • Apply nail dehydrant like Sheba Disinfecting Sanitizer of Sheba PH Balancing Scrub to nail plate and surrounding cuticle to sterilize and draw out all contaminants
  • For Acrylic or UV Gel services, prime the nail plate correctly, leaving a tiny margin all the way around the cuticle - DO NOT LET PRIMER TOUCH THE SKIN!

4.  Apply services according to manufacturer's instructions