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We’ve Taken Resin to New Limits!


Sheba would like to introduce to you a new application for traditional fiberglass/resin application.  Brush-On Resin is a durable and beautiful as traditional resin, we just found a new way to apply it.  Less odor, less waste and more control!




  1. Wash hands with Sheba PH Balance Scrub or spray with Sheba Disinfecting Sanitizer.
  2. Push back cuticles and buff nails with a white buffer block to remove all shiny spots.  IMPORTANT!  Take out all the shine from nails.  Shine is oil and oil causes lifting!
  3. At this step you can either apply nail tips or go on to Step 4 to put on to natural nails.  Again, if you are applying nail tips, don’t forget to file off all the shine from the nails tip.
  4. Apply Brush-On Resin to each nail.  It is just like if you are painting them with nail polish.
  5. Apply Brush-On Activator to each nail. Also brush on like if you were painting them with nail polish.  This will dry the resin and is used in place of a spray activator which is good for control so as to not get any product on the skin area.
  6. Apply Sheba Fiberglass Mesh to all nails and trim.  Your need only trim 1/8” away from cuticle.  First application you should put on two pieces on top of each other.  For fills, apply Sheba Fiberglass only to growth area. If using on natural nails, Fiberglass can be eliminated.
  7. Repeat Step #4 and Step #5.
  8. Using a 180 grit file, carefully blend the fiberglass into the edges of nail and around cuticle area.  Do not file on top of the nail bed, only the edges of the nails.  This step prevents lifting and seals the fiberglass.
  9. Repeat Step #4 and Step #5
  10. Check your nails.  Product should not be touching the skin around the cuticle area and make sure the entire nail, including the free-edge, has been sealed with the Brush-On Resin.
  11. To finish set, simply buff each nail with white buffer block.
  12. Your Sheba Brush Saver is used only when the brush for your Brush-On Activator begins to harden.  Simply switch caps on your Brush On Activator and Brush Saver.  This way you will always have a clean brush.


DO NOT PUT BRUSH-ON RESIN CAP IN EITHER BRUSH SAVER OR BRUSH-ON ACTIVATOR BOTTLES!  Be sure to only exchange caps between the Brush-On Activator and Brush Saver bottles.  Always close the cap to your Brush-On Resin tightly and only after you are sure that the bottle is clean around neck of bottle.  If there is any resin on bottle neck, the cap will adhere and you will not be able to open it.  So be careful to clean before you close it.