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TIPS TO READ BEFORE BEGINNING:  Our gel is SELF-LEVELING, you simply need to “guide” the gel into place.  If you wait just a few seconds, you can see the  gel settle to a smooth, even finish.  The thickness of the gel is a professional decision.  For shorter nails or those who are less “rough” on their nails may use a thinner application, slightly thicker than two coats of nail polish (if you see any “cracking” of the gel, it has been applied too thin)  However, other may benefit from more than two coats of gel or when you reach step 11, use a thicker coat.  No matter the choice, the gel will self-level to a smooth and even finish.
Drying time is according to watts of your lamp.  A 6 watt lamp takes 1 minute for the 1st  coat and 3 minutes for the 2nd coat.  The higher the watts in your lamp, the less curing time required for Sheba UV Gel.
If using our Brush On system – to control amount of gel you need, when taking brush out of bottle, simply hold brush above bottle opening, allowing excess gel to “fall” into bottle to obtain the correct amount of gel on your brush.  Similar to a nail polish applications. A thinner viscosity self levels quickly.  For best results, apply in thin coats to prevent gel from running into the cuticles.
1) Turn on lamp-press switch and hold until light goes on. Use a 6 watt lamp or higher.
2)  Prepare Nails-Use First Step PH Balance Scrub to disinfect and clean nails.  Dry hands and nails thoroughly.   Use polish remover to remove all foreign substances from nails.  Carefully scrutinize and inspect your client’s nails.  File and shape as desired.
3)  Buff Nails-Using a fine grit board, remove the shine from the natural nail.  This will
guarantee adhesion to the natural nail.  Buff the entire nail, including all corners and the
cuticle area.
4)  Remove filings from nail with a clean manicure brush.
5)  Prime the Nail - Using primer pen, etch the surface of the nail by applying a primer over the entire nail surface.  Do not touch the rim or cuticle area. Let nail dry.  Too much primer or primer that is too wet will cause the gel to lift. (If using on natural nails, skip steps six through eight)
6)  Fit Your Nail Tip-The natural nail should fit against the nail tip and gently file the tip of the overlays to ensure proper blending of the nail tip against the natural nails.
7)  Apply Tip - Put a drop of glue on the tip.  (You can use Brush on Glue or Brush on Resin for easier application and more control.) Press tip firmly to nail and hold. Blend tip to natural nail, them apply glue to seam for extra strength.  When glue is dry, remove shine. 
8)  Cut, Shape & Prime Tip- Cut and shape as desired. Again, be sure to remove ALL shine from the nail tip.  Apply primer to nail tip only.
9)  Apply a thin coat of gel over the entire nail.  Pay close attention to the free edge and sides.  DO not get gel on cuticle. It will lift.  If this occurs, remove immediately with gel cleanser or cuticle stick.  Before curing, clean cuticles with cuticle pusher. Remember, the first coat should be thin, like a coat of nail polish.  If applied too thick, this make cause a burning sensation on the nails. 
10)  Cure for one minute under the light.
11)11)  Brush a second coat of gel over entire nail bed.  Brush over the rim of free edge – this will create a “seal” that will prevent lifting at the free edge of the nail. This coat should be slightly thicker than the first coat.  Our gel is SELF-LEVELING, you simply need to “guide” the gel into place.  If you wait just a few seconds, you can see the uv gel settle to a smooth, even finish.  Cure under lamp for 3 minutes.
12)12)  Take cotton pad and dampen with gel cleanser-This will remove the sticky residue. Pat the nail.  Do not rub.  No need to buff.  For those who are NOT using our Brush ON System, clean uv gel brush by dipping it into gel cleanser bottle, move it around and wipe with paper towel or cotton ball.