Pro UV Gel Lamp

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Reduce curing time with this professional 9 watt uv gel lamp.

This amazing 9 Watt Professional UV curing lamp for uv gel, gel polish and more.
 Excellent for the shop and light enough to take along with you.

This lamp can be used with various kinds of nail beauty products, such as UV Top Coat, UV Builder Gel, etc

 - Over voltage & current surge protection
 - Heat-exhausted chip to increase reliability and life span of the nail dryer
 - All in one - disinfection & drying
 - Suitable for both professional and personal finger nail care uses
 - Small and cool design, compact & easy to operate

Mirror reflectors for even curing.  For curing gels and topcoats. 

Press the On/Off Switch to Start
•Super Simple Fast Curing
•Small & Lightweight - Easy Portability
•Power: 9W
•Replace the UV bulbs Every 6 months

Available in 110volt and 220volt - please choose voltage plug that works with your country.

Warning: This equipment contains UV lamps which emit Ultraviolet Radiation at 365nm (UVB). Ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the skin and the eyes and can cause serious skin burns and eye injury either from direct or reflected radiation. Avoid exposure and never look directly at the burning lamp. Hand and eye protection should be worn at all times when handling.  The UV light bulbs in this equipment should not and never be used for illumination purpose