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Glitter - Iridescent Nothin' But Sky Blue

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Tiny Nail Art Iridescent Flat Rings

Tiny, 2mm iridescent circles that reflect light with a beautiful sheen.  Easily applied with either glue or top coat.  These nail art enhancements can be simply sealed with top coat or encapsulated in uv gel or acrylic for long lasting designs. 

Packaging - Poly Zip Bag 1 tsp (3-5 grams) 

Create stand out nail art designs with solvent resistant glitter.

Acrylic - mix with your choice of acrylic powder color. A good ratio is usually 3 to 1 - 3 parts powder to 1 part glitter gives a good work ability.

UV /LED Gel - combine with your choice of UV or LED Gel - either mix in jar or sprinkle on top.

Top Coat - brush clear top coat on the nail and either sprinkle glitter on for an all over effect or use an orange wood stick for glitter placement designs.

Scrap Booking, Crafts, Candle Making and more!

Not solvent resistant for suspension base.