LED Nail Cure Gel Lamp

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Quick Drying LED Nail Cure Gel Lamp Featuring Motion Activated Technology

Enjoy everything that an LED Gel Cure Lamp has to offer with this stylish, purple gel polish, UV gel and nail polish nail dryer.  Why consider investing in an LED Lamp versus a standard UV Lamp?  There are  many reasons including super fast drying of different brands of LED and UV Gel products, motion activated power to save energy, no heat is produced during curing time and much more...

  • Cure numerous LED or UV gel types, and is not limited to one particular brand
  • Cure LED gel polish color faster, including difficult darker colors like purple and black.
  • Cures gel polish in 10-30 seconds.
  • The LED nail light can help you achieve or speed-up the gel/polish curing duration time.
  • Motion activated power - light turns on by just placing the hands under the lamp with automatic turn off feature
  • Due to its high power output, light waves penetrate and cure the gel from the base layer.
  • LED lights can last up to 35,000 to 50,000 hours and does not diminish in power over its life span.
  • 12 watt lamp has fixed time function - met time is 30s,60s,90s
  • Available in 110V only.