Duck Flare Nail Tips

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Duck Flare Nail Tips are unique in shape to add drama to any nail art design. Choose from Crystal Clear, Natural and White.

Available in 100ct and 500ct

Easily create the edgy "Duck" or "Flare" style nails these Duck Flare Nail Tips that are used all over the world.  Also known as Unas de Pato, Bell Nails or Fan Nails.  Available in Crystal Clear, Natural and White, they are perfect for encapsulation nail art designs or stand out French Manicure.

Here are some nail art design ideas featuring the Duck Flare Nail Tips.

This nail art design was created by Erika Ortiz in Detroit Michigan (313) 844-6824, using Crystal Clear Duck Flare Nail Tips. 

Techno Color Arylic Powder in Satin Snow White, Sparkling Silver and Sparkling Pink were encapsulated in Clear Acrylic Powder.  Using flat nail art paint and rhinestones, each nail features a unique yet coordinated nail art design.

Nail Art Design by Erika Ortiz

Here is a nail art design created by Jennifer Gomez from Sheba Nails using the Crystal Clear Duck Flare Nail Tips. 

Each nail features slightly different yet coordinated nail art designs allowing you to use several different nail art products.  Feathers and Flat Nail Shape Squares in black are encapsulated in crystal clear acrylic.  The 3D nails including the roses and abstract shapes are all created using Techno Color Acrylic Powder in White and Neon Black.  To give only certain nai tips a French Manicure effect, Airbrush Paint in white was used on the pointer and pinky fingers only.