Nail Remover Foil Wraps

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Make nail removal easy with ready to use foil wrap sheets to assist in artificial nail removal including gel polish, acrylics, soak off uv gels, polish glitter and more.

Make the removal of gel polish, acrylics and more fast and easy with these ready to use nail removal foil wraps. Ready made foil wraps for fingers and toes are made from quality foil for a secure fit.  Now you can offer clients a more professionl nail removal service that allows them to read a magazine, move around or enjoy another service during nail removal. 


  • Ready to use foil nail remover wraps for fingers and toes
  • Removes gel polish, soak off uv gels, acrylic, odorless acrylic, fiberglass, linen, silk and polish glitter
  • Quick and simple to use
  • No mess and easy disposal
  • Present a professional image and provide a unique customer service to clients
  • Cost effective and time saving
  • Generous 3X3 inch size square to accomodate longer nails


1- Etch the surface of the nail using a 100 grit file.
2 - Saturate a small cotton pad with Tip Remover  or Acetone.
3 - Place pad onto the nail and wrap fingertips or toes in the Foil Removal Wrap
4 - Leave for 5-10 minutes - depending on the thickness of the product (gel, acrylic, etc.), the product will now start to break up.
5 - Gently push any remaining product off the nail using a birchwood stick or cuticle pusher.