Gel Brush Nail Art Set

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Complete 7 piece gel brush kit suitable for Nail Art, Marbelizing, 3D Gel Nail Art and standard UV Gel Applications.

Enjoy this gel brush set with seven different pieces, each with a particular use to enable to get the effect you are looking for.

This nail art brush set includes standard uv gel brushes in two different sizes for traditional uv gel applications.  You also receive two detail brushes in two different sizes for more intricate uv gel nail art designs including paintint or drawing.  Plus a bent detailer gel brush that is a little thicker so you can get the angle you need during use.  The fan brush that in included can be used for not just drag nail art designs, but also for sprinkling or dusting of nail art products directly onto gel nails.  Finally, bonus dotting tool that has infinate uses when it comes to nail art designs.