Color Nail Polish Base PEARL EARRINGS

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Add a pearl effect to your Franken Polish Creations.

"3-Free" Nail Polish Color for mixing or direct application.

This is a "3-Free" Pearl White Color Liquid Base perfect for adding gorgeous color and radiance to your Franken Polish creations! Mix as desired with suspension base, glitters, micas, pigments or used all on its own.  For larger quantities, please inquire at

  • Can be used full strength, just like regular nail polish
  • You can blend together to achieve a unique color
  • Colors can be mixed with clear top coat if you feel the shade is too intense.
  • You can alter commercial nail polishes that you already  own to create something new

NOTE:  This product can only be shipped ground service to locations in the continental US and Canada. (This excludes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Guam).  Due to shipping regulations, when ordering gallon size, it will be shipped in four, 32 ounces botles.  CLICK HERE TO READ MSDS (MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET) - by accepting to the terms and conditions upon check out, you are agreeing that you have read the MSDS and accept all risk and liability,