Anti UV Beauty Glove

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Anti UV Fingerless Manicure Gloves offer protection from ultraviolet rays.  For yourself or resale to your clients.

Anti UV Beauty Gloves are fingerless, UV Resistant manicure gloves offering yourself and your clients peace of mind during gel manicures.  They can be used for curing nails under UV lamp to protect your hands from the UV lights.  Gloves can be worn while driving to protect your hands from the sun.  No more long drives with the dun beating down on your hands, no more premature wrinkles and age spots.

Designed as a multi purpose fingerless glove.  Excellent protection for tennis, golf, bowling, cycling, driving, hikding, any water sports and most outdoor recreation. 

One size fits most, soft pink fingerless gloves for maximum dexterity.  Folds up to easily fit in a pocket.  Hand wash and air dry to a soft feeling.

Textile Feature:  The polyester textiles reflect and absorb UV Ray strongly with average ultraviolet shielding rate above 97% and ultraviolet protection factor over 50.