Artistry Pure Pigment Franken Polish Powder NEON PINK

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Neon Pigment Powder that glows in black light.

Sheba Nails Fluorescent Neon Pigment Powders can be combined with any of our special effects pigments to create additonal color tones.  In it's pure state it glows in black light.  If diluted with other non-glow powders, check for glow properties as it may change.

Blend Artistry Pure Pigment Powder with Nail Polish Mixing Base to create unlimited Franken Polish colors. 

Create your own custom colors of nail polish using Nail Polish Base and any of our quality nail polish pigment powders.  By mixing different pigments together along with our special effects pigments, the possibilities are endless. 

For those interested in mixing nail polish, Sheba Nails carries quality Franken Polish supplies.  Choose from a variety of colors from our Artristry Pure Pigment Powder products line.  We also carry nail polish mixing base, empty nail polish bottles, nail polish mixing balls and other Franken Polish accessories.  Don't forget to brose through our Flat Nail Art and Glitter product lines for additonal Franken Polish additives and effects.