Back in 1987 I started Sheba Professional Nail Products, Inc. in Detroit, Michigan.  At that time, my dream was to create the most sophisticated, superior quality line of nail products available anywhere in the world.  After an abundance of hard work and persistence, Sheba products and techniques have emerged as a internationally accepted and recognized line.  I am proud to say that I have accomplished and surpassed my original goals in a much shorter time than anticipated.  My dream has become a reality.  Please let me share with you.

Since the beginning, Sheba has introduced our Self Leveling, No Filing Acrylic System "A" as well a complete array of quality Gel and Fiberglass lines.  Among this collection are included a broad selection of unique art forms ranging from pearls to airbrushing.  More recently we have developed a Fast Setting  Acrylic Line with Competition Pure Mega Colors.   Today we can honestly say that Sheba leads the nations' nail industry in unique, quality professional nail care supplies and innovative products as well as art and accessories.

At Sheba, we focus on client services and satisfaction - we want you to be happy and we'll do what it takes to make things right for you.  Additionally, Sheba maintains an ongoing policy of keeping up with the latest technology and techniques that we can share directly with you.  Your success is also our success.

If you have any questions about products, techniques or education, please feel free to contact Sheba Nails.  We are always pleased to hear from the core of our business - You The Professional.


Sheila Bargas, President