Sheba Nails carries a variety of tools for Frankening including mixing spoons and sticks as well electric mixer and bottle shaker.  Also find display discs, Franken Polish Kits and more.

Plastic Graduated Measuring Cup - Pack of 100

Plastic 1 ounce graduated measuring cup is an excellent way to keep track of mixture measurements.

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Super Mini Curved Mixing Spatula Scoop 20 Pack

Acrylic Powder Customizing Spatula Scoop to assist in a variety of needs - super mini size allows for detailed percision.

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Mini Curved Mixing Spatula Scoop

Acrylic Powder Customizing Spatula Scoop to assist in a variety of needs.

Choose from 10 pack or 50 pack

Table Top Polish Display Rack Tip Refill

Clear Tip Replacements for Tale Top Polish Display Rack

Table Top Polish Display Rack

A convenient tool for display nail art or polish color, this display contains a clear acrylic stand with 32 individual clear tips.

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Plastic Bottle Round White 15cc with Dropper

Perfect for Franken Gel Polish when you want to avoid light on the product.

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Wooden Stir Sick

Wooden Stir Stick for mxing colors, nail art and more.

Available in 20 pack or 100 pack

Dainty Flower Funnel

Reusable, plastic funnel that is the perfect size for small bottles yet wide enough to let liquids flow easily.

Choose fom 5 pack or 50 pack

Spatula Slant Tip White - 25 Pack

Plastic Slant Tip Spatula perfect for mixing

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Franken Polish Glitter Additives Sampler Kit

Franken Polish Sampler Kit featuring 30 Packs of our most popular solvent resistant glitters and glitter shapes.

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Artristry Pure Pigment Franken Polish Powder Sampler Kit

This Franken Polish Pigment Powder Kit offers 30 bags of a wide range of pigment powder color additives including matte, pearl and shimmering tones.

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Franken Polish Deluxe Mixing Kit

Franken Polish Mixing Supply Kit featuring Cordless Mini Mixer and more.

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Franken Polish Pro Mixing Kit

Professional Franken Polish Mixing Supplies Kit

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Franken Polish Supply Kit

Franken Polish Supply Kit with the basic products to get you started.

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Franken Polish Starter Kit

Franken Polish Kit including a nice sampler of products for you to try.

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Deluxe Cordless Mini Mixer

Powerful, yet compact mini Franken Polish mixer.

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Nail Art Colors Mixing Palette

Durable, nail art mixing palette for paints, acrylics, pigments, polish and more.

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Nail Art Design Color Mini Mixing Palette

DIY nail art colors easily with this 10 grid color mixing palette suitable for acrylics, uv gel, paints and more.

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Vinyl Disposable Gloves 100ct Box

Lightly Powdered Disposable Vinyl Gloves are excellent for performing salon services.

Marbelizing Dotting Tool Nail Art Set

Complete Marbelizing Dotting Tool 5 Piece Set

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Mini Mixing Spoons

Acrylic Powder Customizing Spoons to assist in creating custom shades of color acrylic powder.

Choose from 6 pack or 50 pack

Nail Polish Display Disc Wheel 2 Pack

Clear Oval Nail Polish Wheel - Handy and compact nail polish or nail art display wheel to show 20 different nail polish color or nail art designs.

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Nail Art Mixing Pallette with Lid

Round nail art palette for color and product mixing.

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Birchwood Sticks

All purpose wood cuticle pusher available in two sizes