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Traditional Acrylic System

For those Nail Techs who need a little more time to work with Acrylics, we have our original line Acrylic - "Acrylic System A". It also needs no roughing of the natural nail, but most importantly, it is self leveling, which means it applies like nail polish, in soft strokes with low odor, no lifting, and no filing when used with our application technique.

Systema A Acrylic Powder

Acrylic nail powder with a self leveling formula allows for easy application.

Systema A Acrylic Liquid Monomer

Low odor formula acrylic liquid monomer with superior strength and non-yellowing agents.

Systema A One Coat Primer

Quick dry nail primer formulated to require just one coat.  Your choice of brush on or pen application.

System A Acrylic Try Me Kit

Acrylic Nail Trial Kit with self-leveling formula for easy application every time. You choose the color of acrylic powder! 

Systema A Acrylic Starter Kit

Acrylic nail starter kit that includes all the basics needed to experience this quality nail system at an economical price.

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Systema A Acylic Intro Kit

Let this acrylic nail kit introduce you to this quality, self-leveling system.

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Starter Acrylic Nail Tech Kit

Complete acrylic nail starter nail technician kit available in your choice of acrylic systems.  Includes free carrying case.

Acrylic Odor Out Apple Scent

Treat yourself and your clients with apple scented acrylic liquid additive.  Just 1 to 2 drops in your dampen dish is all you need.

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Acrylic Odor Out Peach Scent

Treat yourself and your clients with peach scented acrylic liquid additive.  Just 1 to 2 drops in your dampen dish is all you need.

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Non Acid Nail Primer - 1/2oz (15ml)

Acid free nail primer with excellent strength for superior adhesion of acrylic nails including traditional and odorless systems.

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Fantasy Encapsulation Acrylic Powder Nail Art Blends Kit

Nail Art Kit with our most popular Premixed Encapsulation Nail Art Acrylic Powders to create instant nail art designs.