Permasealer No-Wipe UV/LED Soak-Off Gel 1/2oz

Give nails a high gloss finish with our NO WIPE, Soak-Off top gel formulated for both UV and LED lamps. 

This UV/LED, tack-free top gel is perfect for the Chrome Mirror Powder application

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Magic Matte Top Coat

Give your nail polishes an instant matte finish with Magic Matte Coat Finisher

1/2oz (15ml) Bottle

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Nail Art Bonding Aid & Sealer

Give your nail art a high-gloss shine with this thicker viscosity formulation which is  ideal for nail art and airbrushed nails.

Sheba Base Coat

Sheba Nails Base Coat is a fast drying base coat that creates excellent adhesion for colors and helps protect against most polishes from staining of the nail bed.

Sheba Wet Glaze

Sheba Nails Wet Glaze is for those who want the "wet look" type of shine.  This is the perfect for for nail polishes as well as nail art services.

High Gloss Reflective Top Coat

High Gloss Nail Top Coat for a super shine and reflective properties built in.

Sheba 60' Top Coat

Enjoy this quick dry top coat that leaves a super shine with less time.  Add protection and shine at the same time.

U.V. Glass Sealer

UV Protection Nail Sealer that does not require curing with a lamp.  Offering the perfection protection against yellowing with a long lasting, high-gloss shine.

Top Seal Nail Protector

Top Seal is a UV Cured Nail Sealer that adds strength and protection against chipping with a built in glossy finish.

Simply Soak Off UV Sealer & Finishing Top Coat 1/2oz

UV Cured Nail Sealer for a Finishing Top Coat on all nail services.  Excellent choice for quick changes with a Soak-Off formulation that offers easy removal.

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Sheba Ridge Filler

Sheba Nails Ridge Filler levels the nail plate to prepare for a smooth application of nail polishes.

Macho Man Matte Top Coat

Unique matte, natural looking nail finish for men.  Protects nails while providing a long lasting natural look.

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French Manicure Guide Tape - 50ct

Create a perfect French Manicure with self adhesive guides.

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Buenos Aires French Manicure Kit

Customize your kit and choose from 6 shades.

FREE - French Manicure Guide Tape

Nail Polish Remover Pads

Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Pads for quick removal of nail polish, UV gel and Odorless Acrylic gummy layer removal.

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