franken polish


If you are into Franken Polish then you have come to the right place.  Sheba Nails offers a variety of franken polish supplies including pure pigment powders, glitter shape additives, nail polish suspension base, gel polish base and more. Find all you need to create your own line of indie nail polishes and glitter lacquers.

For those interested in mixing nail polish, Sheba Nails carries quality Franken Polish supplies.  Choose from a variety of colors from our Artristry Pure Pigment Powder product line that will enable you mix your own nail polish colors.  We also carry nail polish mixing base, empty nail polish bottles, nail polish mixing balls and other Franken Polish accessories.  Be creative and add our solvent resistant Glitter Nail Art Shapes and Dazzling Glitter Dust for additional Franken Polish additives and effects.