Manicure Table Glass Sterilizer Jar

Glass Sterilizer Jar is the perfect accessory for all professionals.

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Disinfecting Sanitizer Jar

Glass sanitizing jar with lid.


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Sterilization Tray

Nail File and Tool Sterilizer Tray is the perfect solution to your sanitation needs.

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Disinfecting Sanitizer

Perfect Start For All Nail Applications

PH Balance Antibacterial Soak - 8oz

2 in 1 Antibacterial Soak for Manicures and Pedicures. Plus Real Moisturizing Properties

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AID One - 1/2oz

Stops Minor Bleeding - NO Band-aid Required

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Botanical Cuticle Oils

Treatment Promotes Healthy Nails, Skin & Cuticles

Sure Fit Ear Loop Mask

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Cuticle Away

Melts Cuticles Away - Waterless Cuticle Remover

Solteras Silky Hand and Body Lotion

Nourish, Hydrate and Protect With Strawberry Short Cake Scent Lotion

Manicure Lotion Warmer 110V

Dual Heat Lotion Warmer is a great service for yourself and your clients. 


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Manicure Lotion Warmer Disposable Cups

Disposable Manicure Lotion cups for use with Professional Manicure Lotion Warmer Machines.  Available in 25 pack, 50 pack.or 100 pack.

Sheba Ridge Filler

Sheba Nails Ridge Filler levels the nail plate to prepare for a smooth application of nail polishes.

PH Prep Nail Dehydrator - 1/2oz

Prepare nails for any nail application with this pre-primer nail dehydrator.

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Vinyl Disposable Gloves 100ct Box

Lightly Powdered Disposable Vinyl Gloves are excellent for performing salon services.

Ear-Loop Face Mask

These three layer Ear Loop Face Masks protect against inhaling dust and other airborne particles.  Pack of 50.

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Easy Grip Nail Cosmetic Pads 60 count

Nail & Cosmetic Pads features easy gripping and a protective barrier that shields fingers from coming into contact with skin-irritating substances.

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