Soakable UV Gelcrylic Kit

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With Sheba Nails Soakable UV Gelcrylic Kit you get the strength of acrylic without the odor PLUS the beauty of a uv gel in a soak off formula.

This UV Gel combo Gelcrylic Kit has all you need to get started with Soakable Gelcrylic - you need only provide a UV lamp.  What makes this acrylic kit odorless is that acrylic liquid is not required and UV curable acrylic powder is the key. 

Kit includes:

  • Perfectionist Soak-Off UV Gel Clear Glass 1/2oz
  • Gelcrylic Powder 1/4oz White
  • Gelcrylic Powder 1/4oz Clear
  • Soaker Trays (2)
  • Disnifecting Sanitizer 2oz*
  • UV Gel Brush Cleaner & Finishing Wipe 4oz*
  • One Coat Primer Pen
  • Professional Nylon UV Gel Brush
  • Instructional DVD

*International customer will receive wipes instead of liquid due to hazardous materials regulations.