• Description

This is a quick and easy way to create a stand out nail art design.  Here we used crystal clear nail tips so you can really appreciate the beauty of the Disco Ball Mirro Pieces that are encapsulated in Perfectionist UV Gel.  To achieve a smoother surface and for more placement control we did not dip the nail in the nail art jar. 
We brushed the nail with Perfectionist UV Gel - Clear and did a "freeze" cure, meaning to out the nail under the uv lamp for just a few seconds.  This does not cure the uv gel completely but will keep the gel from falling into the cuticle are or free edge while you work the nail art.  Because the uv gel leaves a tacky layer, this makes it easy to place the disco ball mirror pieces exactly where you want them.  Here we placed them on the free edge of each nail in a french manicure fashion - then again did a quick "freeze" cure under the uv lamp.  Finalize with a coat of Perfectionist UV Gel over the entire nail, thus encapsulating the Disco Ball Mirror Pieces into the uv gel nail.  Cure the nails as usual under a uv lamp - remove the tacky layer and your done.  
Because our uv gels have a built-in high gloss shine, there is no need for top coat.